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New concept of asphalt mixing plant

[China  pavement machinery expert Zhu Wen days] With the rapid development of road construction in our country, domestic asphalt mixture mixing equipment also will be rapid growth. However, early in the early highway construction, asphalt mixing equipment is mostly imported equipment, so foreign asphalt mixing plant manufacturers have entered, we can say that in the highway construction site can see their shadow. After years of efforts, based on the introduction, digestion and absorption of foreign technologies, the domestic asphalt mixture mixing equipment has developed rapidly. As of now, domestic homemade asphalt mixture mixing equipment has become the main force of highway construction and maintenance. China's road construction is still in the development stage, road construction and maintenance of asphalt mixing plant equipment still have a larger market demand, domestic asphalt mixing plant manufacturing enterprises are constantly rising, foreign asphalt mixing plant Manufacturing companies have also set up factories in China, therefore, asphalt mixing plant market competition will become increasingly tense. To be invincible in the market competition, we must improve the technical performance and quality of products, at the same time to make products such as after-sales service.
 In recent years, the technical level of domestic asphalt mixing equipment has been greatly improved, but as a whole, there is still a certain gap compared with developed countries in terms of product reliability and durability of asphalt mixing equipment. Therefore, Some highway projects are still buying foreign asphalt mixing equipment.
Asphalt mixing plant development so far, the technical can be said that it has reached a more perfect level, asphalt mixing plant equipment improvements and improvements are in the parts or local scope, with the improvement of product quality and environmental requirements, foreign countries have Put forward some new concept (or technology) on the asphalt mixing equipment, following some brief introduction.
1. Asphalt Mixture Gradation and Segmentation
During the construction of asphalt pavement, attention is generally paid to the segregation of asphalt mixture during the paving operation. As the segregation of asphalt mixture will affect the quality of asphalt pavement, the technology of asphalt mixture hopper car and re-agitation appears. Abroad has the problem of segregation of asphalt mixture to the asphalt mixing plant mixing process to be controlled.
① aggregate grading test and analysis system
In the cold aggregate supply system installed aggregate grading detection and analysis system, random sampling analysis of cold aggregate gradation. Aggregate gradation detection and analysis system includes a sampler and an analyzer. The sampler is installed in the cold aggregate belt conveyor system. The sampling time of the sampler is only 0.5 second, so it does not affect the work of the belt conveyor. Sampling volume is generally 9 ~ 13 kg, the results of sampling and analysis sent to the computer, the computer control analysis of the corresponding feedback control agencies to correct gradation error.
② hot aggregate storage warehouse
Hot aggregate hoist will be hot aggregate into the shaker for screening, as the screen surface is a certain area, hot aggregate into the screen surface after another dispersed, fine grained sieve when the screen through the first, thicker Of the material gradually spread through the screen surface, so fine material first into the storage bin, and then into the larger material, and finally into the largest material, resulting in the formation of coarse and fine material in the No. 1 storage separation phenomenon (Figure 1 left), from In order to avoid the phenomenon of segregation, foreign baffles have been used to guide blanking position to reduce segregation (Figure 1, right).
③ screen anti-jamming
Bituminous mixture mixing equipment screen, asphalt mixing in the production process, often block the screen mesh sieve stone, sieve plugged into the # 1 warehouse (Ogura) of stone chips, due to the small warehouse On the shaker screen sieve blockage, stone chips can only enter the 2 # warehouse, and even into the 3 # warehouse, so seriously affect the grading of the mixture, the quality of asphalt mixture of unqualified.
Shanghai Shield Mine Sieve Co., Ltd. conducted a great deal of experimental research on the screen clogging problem. After analyzing the reasons for the clogging of the screen, the series of anti-clogging screens such as diamond hole prevention Blocking screen, triangular hole anti-blocking screen, etc. This kind of different structures and different shapes of anti-blocking screen, with self-cleaning function, suitable for different specifications of the stone screening, significantly improve the screening rate.
Figure 1 hot aggregate storage bin segregation phenomenon
④ parallel measurement technology
The parallel measurement technology is applied in the domestic 4000-type mixing equipment. The application of "parallel measurement" and "decrement weighing method" make the 4000-type mixing stirrer rated capacity more than 360 tons per hour, with the advantages of high production efficiency, Weighing accuracy and higher characteristics, to overcome the short measurement cycle length.
⑤ finished asphalt mixture automatic sampling machine
In order to ensure the quality of asphalt mixture, the finished product asphalt mixture automatic sampling and analysis system is installed abroad in the finished product loading area. The finished asphalt mixture sampling system includes the telescopic boom, the sampling rod and the hydraulic telescopic mechanism. When the sample is taken out, the telescopic boom is extended, the sampling rod is inserted into the top surface of the pile to be taken in and a certain depth is inserted to ensure the sampling Accuracy Sampling and analysis of the results delivered to the computer, the computer comparative analysis feedback control of the appropriate agencies to correct the error.
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