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Five reasons to choose emulsified asphalt equipment

1, All kinds of asphalt can be sprinkled: high viscosity asphalt, hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc. The width of sprinkling cloth can be adjusted freely. Each nozzle can be controlled independently and the maximum spraying width is 6m. Flexible hand-held spray gun, can sprinkle pitch corners.
2, thermal oil on the emulsified asphalt equipment and nozzles to implement a full range of heating and insulation. After the spraying, the asphalt pump and the nozzle do not need to be cleaned with diesel oil, and the high pressure air is used to push the asphalt in the pipe and the spraying pipe back to the tank body, and then the nozzle is purged; the circulating heat preservation is carried out by the all- Nozzles open.
3, emulsified asphalt evenly spread equipment, unique nozzle design can be triple overlapping spray.
4, excellent insulation properties, the average temperature ≤ 1-2 ℃ / h.
5, convenient loading and unloading functions, in addition to filling asphalt from the mouth of asphalt, hot asphalt pump can be self-suction, but also on the external asphalt pumping transfer.
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