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The development and application of emulsified imported asphalt

In order to further verify the use of domestic emulsifier emulsified asphalt imported quality, with the strong support of the Provincial Highway Bureau, Changzhou, Huaiyin, Zhenjiang Road, respectively, in Nanjing - Hangzhou State Road 104, Changzhou - Liyang Highway, Ning even a Road Maba - Wudun expansion test, produced a total of 39t Zhenjiang 2 Esso emulsion, paved the three sections of the test road, the common feature of these routes are the daily traffic volume is about 10,000, the road structure are two ash Paving gravel base layer of asphalt concrete surface. Details are as follows:
(1) The test section of sealing layer under the 1205 + 500-1206 + 000 pavement reconstruction project of State Highway No.10 is located at the left side of the vehicle with a length of 500m and a width of 8.4m, totally 4200m2. The base of the road is broken with cement concrete pavement, 20cm limestone, surface 9cm double layer of asphalt concrete. Traffic volume of about 8,000 vehicles / day and night, of which 30% of heavy trucks. Under the seal layer with double-layer sprinkling type, the first emulsion dosage 1.8kg / m2, 5 ~ 10mm stone 12m3 / km2, the second emulsion dosage 1.0kg / m2, 3 ~ 8mm stone 6m3 / m2. Qing, temperature 30 ℃, sprinkle about 15min after breaking demolition, after 1 month by the implementation of asphalt concrete surfacing, pavement before the inspection under the sealer surface without pit, and the grass-roots bond firmly.
(2) Half of the test section of Changping-Liyang new Grade 1 highway section is 10m in width and 7000m2 in width.The roadbed is lime-fly ash with 9cm asphalt concrete pavement, traffic volume is about 6000 cars / day and night, Open to traffic. Under the sealing layer with single-layer test sprinkle cloth type, the amount of emulsion 1.8kg / m2, 0.3 ~ 0.8cm amount of stone chips 8m3 / km2. The construction of the weather when the rain turned negative, temperature 25 ℃, demulsification time about 30min. The surface is smooth, non-peeling, pit, no pass, wheel tracks, and the grass-roots bond firmly.
(3) Experimental section of seafloor seal under the reconstruction of Ninglian Class I road pavement, the test section is located on the west side of 11k + 500-12k + 500 line, with a length of 1000m and a width of 10m, with an area of ​​10000m2. , The surface layer of 16cm asphalt concrete, daily traffic is greater than 10000 vehicles times. Under the sealing layer with a single layer of sprinkling type, the amount of emulsion 1.5kg / m2, the amount of stone chips 7m3 / km2. Construction fine, temperature 18 ℃, demulsification time of about 35min. , With the grass-roots bonding firm.
For the above three sections of test road, we drilled the sample core separately. The samples from National Highway 104 and Changzhou-Liyang were taken from the surface layer to all the sample cores of the grass-roots. The specimens showed that the lower seal layer firmly bonded the oil surface layer and the base layer overall. Ning even a highway due to the sampling machine, resulting in two gray gravel failed to complete removal, but from the broken lime and limestone gravel under the grass layer and the grass is still firmly bonded firmly. This fully shows that imported asphalt emulsified as the next seal its strong adhesion, both play the role of the connection between layers, but also to prevent the penetration of rain and snow into the grass-roots level.
Through the indoor test and expand the test road paving, paving the use of imported asphalt emulsion under the seal, the following awareness:
① The quality of imported asphalt emulsion produced by our station is good and stable. By tanker shipment, a total of 50t of emulsion was produced. There was no phenomenon of stratified coagulation due to transportation, storage and transport to the site for a while.
② When the emulsion transported to the site, from tanker truck moved to the car, the use of direct pipeline pumping, each transport a car only 10min. Unlike the general transport fleet using high-platform low-gravity self-flow way, Car needs 1h, but also can be avoided because of the choice of high station bypass. As a result of the pipeline pump, will not mix a large number of bubbles, affecting the spraying effect and the quality of use.
③ spray evenly distributed during the emulsion, no foam adhesion to the stone surface resulting in a blank. In addition, the construction date did not affect the demulsification rate due to the temperature difference in either August or October.
(4) the adhesion of imported asphalt emulsion. After the lower seal test section is completed, we have to finish the pavement construction pavement, respectively, drilled the sample core. 104 State Road core sample 15cm, Changzhou to Liyang line, Maba to Wudun paragraph core are 10cm. Mawu section except for mechanical reasons not to remove the grassroots layer. The remaining two lines of a plurality of sample core can be seen under the seal layer of the surface layer and the grass-roots bonding without a disengagement, fully meet the continuous design requirements. Although the sample core by long-distance transport and bumpy, sent to check at all levels did not lead to the upper and lower layers to get out.
(5) Three sections of test road are used Zhenjiang 2 # emulsion, sprinkled cloth construction method, the amount of 1.4 ~ 2.8kg / m2, the use of hard stone chips, clean and free of impurities, strict control of the powder content. As the test roads are in the construction section of the road without interruption, lime-fly ash gravel base under the action of the surface of small stone chips and powder basically sweep the net, forming the first material ideal bonding surface, combined with the sprinkler seal under the forest fire Blower blowing the surface of the grass-roots dust, bonding conditions between layers better. In addition, the time of sprinkling, sprinkling method, compaction of grasping time and demulsification speed is just right, which is very important to ensure the quality of the sealant and the opening of the vehicle.
(6) After the test road is completed, it can open traffic and resume vehicle driving, but it must master:
① Open traffic must be slow at the beginning; ② direct the entire vehicle traffic uniform, not concentrated in the lane.
3, asphalt emulsification process and equipment
Emulsified asphalt is hot melt asphalt blended with emulsifier solution, through the mechanical action, the asphalt cut into particles made of oil-in-water emulsion, referred to as "emulsion." It is composed of asphalt, water and emulsifier composed of three components, formed by the role of emulsifying equipment. This shows that the production of emulsified asphalt must have the basic device - emulsifier, which is the production of emulsified asphalt core. In addition, the need for emulsifier aqueous solution tank, hot asphalt storage tank and heating devices, etc., which formed a production plant.
In summary, asphalt emulsification not only requires special machinery and equipment, but also must develop a certain process of production processes, in the specific process conditions to be completed. Emulsified asphalt production process and production equipment plays an important role in the quality and cost of emulsion. Choosing good equipment, developing perfect production technology, pipeline layout and making full use of existing conditions are the prerequisites for building a production workshop. At the same time, the establishment of a scientific production management system is to ensure product quality, the development of emulsified asphalt production an important part.
3.1 Make full use of superior transportation and thermal energy conditions In the mid-1960s, a hot asphalt transit depot was established in the suburbs of Zhenjiang, with an annual access to nearly 15,000 tons of asphalt. The transit depot has dedicated railway lines for 6-seater tankers, Taiwan 2t steam boiler, a 650 kcal guide (1) available heating conditions for the production of emulsified asphalt heated to the required hot melt asphalt and the required temperature of the emulsifier solution; (2) the steam can be used to preheat the production equipment;
(3) Use of existing houses to reduce capital investment;
(4) The special railway line can be used for direct storage of asphalt to reduce transportation links and reduce costs;
(5) Make full use of the water supply and power supply conditions of the oil depot;
(6) The use of the original asphalt testing equipment and test personnel, add some special equipment, you can establish a sound quality inspection system.
 3.2 Selection of equipment In the early 1980s, I station that the use of transit asphalt favorable conditions, the formation of the more advanced to emulsify the domestic asphalt-based production workshop, it has a better asphalt heating melting and supply system for water supply Steam system, emulsifier aqueous solution blending system, metering control system, emulsified asphalt production machinery, emulsion storage system, emulsion quality inspection equipment, emulsion production electronic control system and emulsion delivery system.
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