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Application and Development of Emulsified Asphalt Slurry Sealing Machine

Abstract: As the construction and service life of highways and urban roads in our country are prolonged, the workload of road maintenance increases. The focus of future road work in our country is the maintenance of road projects that have been completed and planned. Therefore, the micro-surfacing technology in China's high-grade highways and urban road maintenance and conservation will have a lot of market demand and good prospects for promotion and application, followed by road maintenance machinery (especially slurry sealing machine) Market boom. The modified emulsified asphalt slurry sealing machine research and development, not only has a very broad market prospects, but also to promote the promotion of micro-surfacing technology. This paper briefly introduces the development prospects, application scope, structure and application characteristics of emulsified asphalt slurry sealing machine. At the same time, it introduces some typical product catalogs at home and abroad, emphatically expounds the development of slurry sealing machine in our country and developed countries dynamic.
Key words: emulsified asphalt; modified emulsified asphalt; slurry seal machine; slurry seal technology
Slurry sealing machine is characterized by mixing the pavement at the road surface at room temperature, which can greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers, speed up the construction speed, and save resources and energy. For road and urban road departments on the road surface wear preventive maintenance, in order to maintain the technical performance of the road and extend the service life. Early road disease can also be repaired to improve the waterproofing of the road, improve smoothness and anti-skid performance.
Emulsified asphalt slurry seal is the appropriate grading aggregates, fillers, asphalt emulsion and water, four kinds of materials, according to a certain percentage of blending, mixing, made of uniform slurry mixture, and the required thickness of the paving Pavement, forming a dense and durable surface treatment of thin layers. Emulsified asphalt slurry seal machine is to complete the construction of suction seal special equipment.
First, sealing machine classification, application characteristics, scope of work and the main structure
(A) the classification of sealing machine Emulsified asphalt slurry sealing machine (hereinafter referred to as "sealing machine") is to complete the slurry seal construction of special equipment. Sealing machine by the flexibility can be divided into drag-type sealing machine, seaming machine and self-sealing Sealing machine. Drag-type sealing machine selected slightly modified trailer installation of various devices, aggregate storage capacity of 2-4m3, equipped with an independent auxiliary engine, when the work by the tractor or transport car towing, traction it for paving operation. Such sealing machine mobility is poor, paving speed affected by the tractor, so the productivity is small, suitable for small towns and villages in the road or slurry seal. Self-sealing machines are used truck chassis, by the chassis to provide all the driving and operating power, fast speed, self-relocation of the site, mobility, production capacity, ramp and corner paving good quality, is the current Foreign sealing machine used in the main structure. Semiautomatic sealers combine the advantages of the two, focusing on ease of operation, ease of maintenance, and multi-loading to improve productivity.
(B) Sealing Machine Application Features Emulsified asphalt slurry sealing machine main advantages of operations are: rapid maintenance, traffic interruption time is short; can reduce the road thickness, reduce construction costs and save heat; save the amount of asphalt and extend the pavement Service life; after repairing the road surface, the road traffic noise is reduced; the road surface adhesion coefficient can be increased; the smoothness of the road surface can be restored; the deformation of the road surface can be reduced; the gap of the road surface can be filled; the waterproof layer of pavement can be formed; the vehicle energy loss can be reduced; The sealing material of the sealing machine is lower than that of other structures. Although the slurry sealing layer is very thin, the durability of the sealing layer is very strong. The asphalt is evenly distributed, the content is moderate, the road surface is smooth and rough, Oil pan surface, the phenomenon of oil; paving generally do not spill layer of oil and viscous layer of oil.
(C) the scope of sealing machine sealing machine features sealing machine at room temperature in the pavement paving the scene, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers, speed up the construction speed and save resources and energy. It is suitable for road and urban road departments to periodically preventive maintenance of pavement wear layer, in order to maintain the technical performance of pavement and prolong the service life. Early road disease can also be repaired to improve the waterproofing of the road, smoothness and skid resistance.
(D) the main structure of sealing machine sealing layer according to the requirements of the construction process, sealing machine must have the feeding, mixing, paving and metering control and other functions, it can aggregate, slag, water, emulsified asphalt at a certain percentage The mixture is fed into the mixing tube, added with additives, and rapidly stirred to form a flowing emulsified asphalt slurry mixture, which is then sent to a paving tank through a distributor, and then evenly and evenly paved on the road surface. Therefore, the sealing machine structure can be divided into two parts: First, part of the chassis, it is the machine's walking and load-bearing components, its function is to enable the machine to travel at a predetermined speed to complete the transport and operation of the task, and A full set of operating devices are arranged on it. The sealing machine generally adopts a truck chassis with load-carrying capacity that meets the design requirements and is transformed into a chassis of a sealing machine. The modification mainly includes the addition of a gear shifting system with a minimum speed of 1 -4km / h range, to meet the requirements of paving operations. Second, the operating part, its function is to complete the storage, transportation, mixing, paving, control, operation, etc. of the various materials in the operation of the machine, mainly by the feeding system, mixing system, power transmission system and metering control system . Among them, the feeding system is the most important part of the sealing machine, but also whether the modified emulsion asphalt several materials can be prepared according to the ratio of slurry mix the key; paving system is the slurry evenly spread to Pavement, and according to the requirements of the control of the width and thickness of the paving thinner.
Second, sealing machine development level and development trend
(A) the level of foreign and the development trend Since 1928, France and Germany have launched a slurry seal research. Early slurry seal equipment is mixing cement mortar mix slurry mixture, and then transported to the scene by tanker, manual paving. Since the 1960s, European countries started to develop a sealing machine that can make the preparation, mixing and paving of the slurry mixture into one, so that the slurry seal construction method has made significant progress. Over the years, Europe and the United States continue to improve and perfect the sealing machine, so that this construction method really reflects the economic, effective, fast and reliable advantages. New sealing machines continue to appear, more powerful to promote the technology in the world.
(B) of the advanced sealing machine has the following characteristics:
1, product series. The aggregate tank volume is generally 4-15m3, models are bicycles and semi-trailer form. Working methods In addition to the traditional car-mounted sealing machine, there are now developed on the way continuous feeding of the laying of the sealing machine, its production capacity reached 500t / d above, the mixer uses two-axis forced stirring blades, blade top with hard Quality alloy, the life of 10 times longer than the traditional hardened leaves, and the blade angle adjustable, in addition to mixing ordinary slurry seal mixture, but also can be mixed polymer modified emulsified asphalt slurry mixture, expanding the seal The scope of the machine.
 2, the integration of mechanical, electrical, liquid $ modern sealing machine are equipped with electronic testing device, accurate testing of various materials gradation, the various parts of the operating conditions, and through the computer monitoring $ machine, electricity, liquid The integration of technology, so that the whole operation to achieve a centralized control, a high degree of automatic control, easy to operate.
3, the use of advanced truck chassis, the maximum operating speed of up to 80km / h or more, so that the sealing machine can be quickly transported and transfer, sealing operations generally use hydraulic transmission, the work speed is stable at 1-4km / h Auxiliary engines are used to power all work units. The width of the paving trough can be adjusted to suit different road widths. The distributor in the trough, with single-axis propeller blades, also with biaxial or triaxial paddles; in addition to square pavers, pavers Rutting V-shaped paving box.
(C) sealing machine in the future direction of development
1, to achieve more variety, serialization. At present, the domestic production of sealing layer of the manufacturers are a single species, chassis selection is also different, with the slurry seal construction increased year by year, large-scale sealing machine will appear, aggregate storage volume will reach 12m3 and 15m3 . In addition to the introduction of foreign advanced technology and components of the development of a series of sealing machine, but also efforts should be made to use all the domestic parts of the lower price of the modified slurry seal machine, which will be our country modified slurry seal technology to promote the use of play Significant influence.
2, efforts to improve China's sealing machine product quality water machine. In this regard, in addition to the car chassis by the constraints of China's automobile manufacturers, the upper part of the work in the selection of materials and components, should ensure the durability of components, electronic components and hydraulic components should be more sensitive, reliable and leak-free.
3, the type of sealing machine to the train, the direction of large-scale development.
4, from interrupted operation to continuous operation direction.
5, efforts to a multi-purpose machine to develop, so that it can both seal operation, but also for cold material thin-faceted paving operation.
6, the use of ultra-quiet engine, to the development of low noise.
7, the use of hydrostatic transmission, and strive to make it stable walking in low speed.
8, using machine, electricity, liquid integration technology, to the direction of high degree of automation.
Modern emulsified asphalt slurry seal machines not only produce and spread common emulsified asphalt slurry mixtures, but also produce and spread polymer-modified emulsions for fine surface self-healing (PSM) and rutting post-repair (PSR) Asphalt slurry mixture. Modified slurry seal machine is the most advanced slurry seal machine.
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