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Tips for the maintenance of emulsified asphalt equipment

Due to the special properties of emulsified asphalt plants, emulsifiers, acids, water, and latex modifiers etc. are blended in a soap dispensing tank during production and then pumped to a colloid mill. Therefore, it is relatively difficult to maintain and maintain a certain degree of difficulty, according to the different modification process, emulsified asphalt equipment can be divided into the following steps for effective maintenance work.
First, after the end of daily work, should be emulsified machine. If the emulsified asphalt equipment is deactivated for a long time, the liquid in the tank and the pipeline should be vented. Each hole cover should be tightly closed and kept clean. The operating components should be filled with lubricating oil. Also regularly check the control cabinet terminal is loose, the wire is worn during shipment, to eliminate dust, to avoid damage to machinery, and for the flow control of the pump, it should be regularly tested its accuracy, and timely adjustments And maintenance.
Good equipment maintenance, good operation and service life of the equipment are of great significance for the emulsified asphalt equipment, we protect the equipment to work properly and the application effect, it is necessary to do the relevant maintenance work, the maintenance tips Hope that can effectively help everyone.
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