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Special application of modified asphalt tank

About modified asphalt tank, I believe we are no stranger to it, it is mainly used in road laying, but now there are many modified asphalt tank special applications, today we come to understand the next:
1, smooth road construction equipment factory modified asphalt tank can enhance the adhesion of asphalt and aggregate and mixing uniformity, can save 10% -20% of the asphalt. Can extend the construction season, the temperature is 5-10 degrees Celsius can still be construction.
2, modified asphalt tank can be cold construction, modified asphalt tank for road construction and other uses without heating, can be directly mixed with the aggregate, or directly sprinkle, or spraying on the aggregate or other objects on the surface, construction Convenient, energy saving, pollution reduction and improvement of working conditions. At the same time reduce the number of bitumen heating, ease the thermal aging of asphalt.
3, modified asphalt tank can expand the use of asphalt, modified asphalt tank is now widely used in road engineering, but also used in building roofs and caverns waterproofing, agricultural soil improvement and plant health, metal surface corrosion, the desert Sand fixation, the railroad track as a whole and so on. The performance of modified asphalt tank has been gradually improved, and its application has gradually increased, I believe that as its performance continues to improve, its application will be more extensive.
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