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10 tons of mobile modified asphalt equipment

Equipment Name: Mobile modified asphalt equipment
Equipment Model: HT-GSY-10
Approved production rate: 10t / h (under standard industrial control)
Working voltage: 380V / 50HZ
Applicable to the production type: on-site docking production
Overall dimensions (length × width × height): 8m × 2.2m × 2.5m
Control room: 3m × 2.2m × 2.5m
Equipment Features: Adopting frame structure, convenient for transportation, suitable for docking with production site.
Scope: SBS, SBR, MAC, PE, EVA and other types of modified asphalt, the production of SBS modified asphalt products fully meet the JTGF40-2004 standard.

Modified asphalt equipment can be manually and automatically control the production of SBS, rubber powder, SBR, PE, SMA modified asphalt, the configuration and use of some of the following:
1, filter: specially made asphalt filter can be high temperature matrix asphalt impurities and foreign matter effective filtration, to prevent damage to follow-up equipment.
2, matrix asphalt heater: the spiral plate or tube heat exchanger through the thermal conductivity of the matrix asphalt is quickly heated to meet the needs of the production process. In a sealed tank heating to avoid the asphalt due to prolonged heating and exposure to air in the aging phenomenon, the production process of sulfide is quite limited, reducing environmental pollution.
3, modifier wind or spiral to add the system: the manual pouring hopper modifier by wind or spiral sent to the asphalt batching tank. May be equipped with metering system.
4, stabilizer automatically or manually add the system: can be equipped with a metering system.
5, matrix asphalt transportation and metering system: through the matrix asphalt pump and asphalt flowmeter will be set by a good amount of asphalt and computer interlocking added to the ingredients in the tank. Base asphalt pump and asphalt flow meter using well-known brand name products, to ensure that the ratio is accurate.
6, asphalt batching tank: According to the formula deployment of asphalt mixture, through its combined blender to ensure uniform mixing. Pre-shear effect on SBS in bitumen.
7, Asphalt tank expansion: Can be configured to meet the needs of a number of melt expansion tank 45 ~ 60 minutes on the expansion time.
8, asphalt conveying system: the circulating pump will be prepared by the asphalt mixture into the melting tank for expansion, development.
9, colloid mill or three high-speed shear: is the heart of the device, directly related to the quality of the product. Materials in the multi-level multi-layer precision with the rotor and stator high-speed shear, get torn and crushed, SBS into tiny particles evenly dispersed in the asphalt, the formation of a stable colloid, which is modified asphalt.
10, computer automatic control system: According to process requirements control the ratio of raw materials, flow, the temperature of each point, according to process control each device, and can print production reports. Configuration of electronic components are used internationally renowned brands.