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15 tons of mobile modified asphalt equipment

Equipment Name: Mobile modified asphalt equipment
Equipment model: HT-GSY-15
Approved production rate: 15t / h (under standard industrial control)
Working voltage: 380V / 50HZ
Applicable to the production type: on-site docking production
Overall dimensions (length × width × height): 10m × 2.2m × 2.5m
Control room: 3m × 2.2m × 2.5m
Equipment Features: Adopting frame structure, convenient for transportation, suitable for docking with production site.
Scope: SBS, SBR, MAC, PE, EVA and other types of modified asphalt, the production of SBS modified asphalt products fully meet the JTGF40-2004 standard.

Modified asphalt production equipment works:
Asphalt is a polymer mixture composed of asphaltenes, gums, aromatics and saturated hydrocarbons. Asphaltenes are dispersed in aromatics and saturated hydrocarbons with the aid of gums to form a colloidal structure. Asphaltene content is low, asphaltene cohesion, plasticity and flow Good, but the temperature stability and flexibility is poor, the polymer modifier is similar to the asphaltene in asphalt, its addition, with the bitumen fully swollen, adsorbed aromatics and gum in bitumen to form a new colloid, This not only retains or increases the cohesiveness of the original asphalt, plasticity and fluidity but also improves the temperature stability and elasticity of the asphalt to achieve the purpose of improving the road performance of the asphalt.