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Powder and SBS modified asphalt equipment integrated

Modified asphalt production equipment for the following units:
1, asphalt mixing station;
2. Enterprises that have mobile requirements for equipment, such as conservation units, can complete the construction of rubber asphalt stress absorption layer independently after equipped with synchronous gravel sealing machine. It can also be used with other equipment to complete rubber asphalt, SBS modified asphalt mixture Material production and construction. Can reduce the cost of the enterprise and reduce dependence on the outside world, because the demand for curing modified bitumen is usually small, it is difficult to buy; can be produced according to the actual needs of a variety of specialized maintenance asphalt bitumen instead of the usual purchase Obtained universal modified asphalt products;
3, Local or subordinate Highway Bureau affiliated enterprises, these units have the need to use modified asphalt, but can not afford the investment of modified asphalt equipment, small mobile equipment to meet their requirements;
4, the larger asphalt storage and transportation company can be equipped with complete sets of units according to the actual situation, to ensure that the continuous production of modified asphalt feed, the output: 5-40 tons / hour;
The series of equipment on the unit there is one of the biggest advantages: the requirements of personnel and the environment low. After simple training, personnel can produce modified bitumen independently, which is completely different from the high requirements of personnel on conventional modified bitumen production equipment.