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Powder and SBS modified asphalt equipment integrated

Modified asphalt equipment technical advantages:
1, relatively less investment in equipment: equipment investment costs can be reduced hundreds of thousands of dollars, greatly reducing the investment threshold and investment risk;
2, a wide range of applications of asphalt: You can use a variety of domestic asphalt as a base asphalt for processing and production;
3, powerful equipment: can be used for SBS modified asphalt production, but also for powder modified asphalt and a variety of other high viscosity modified asphalt production.
4, easy to control, low management costs: The series of equipment requires high technical personnel, but as long as the three indicators to complete the asphalt test, after about a week my company professional and technical training, the equipment can be modified bitumen production With management
5, low energy consumption, heating speed: single machine total installed capacity is reasonable, making the device in the process of using low power consumption, at the same time, because of the unique design of the preheating system and insulation system greatly reduces the production energy consumption, thus The heating costs to a minimum;
6, full-featured: complete equipment functions, small dependence on the outside world, at the same time with storage, processing, transit, measurement and many other features.
7, product performance is excellent, the device can simultaneously produce rubber asphalt, all kinds of SBS modified asphalt, PE modified asphalt.
8, removable: According to user requirements and the actual needs of the device made into a removable, making the device easier to install, remove and lift.
9.Technology cooperation with well-known experts and research institutes in the field of modified asphalt to ensure the timely update of modified asphalt production technology and application technology and provide the most advanced technical support to ensure your leading position in the industry.