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30 tons of fixed modified asphalt equipment (Henan Zhoukou)

Equipment Name: Fixed modified asphalt equipment
Equipment Model: HT-GSG-30
Approved production rate: 30t / h (under standard industrial control)
Working voltage: 380V / 50HZ
Applicable production type: Base production
Scope: SBS, SBR, MAC, PE, EVA and other types of modified asphalt, the production of SBS modified asphalt products fully meet the JTGF40-2004 standard.

Modified asphalt equipment is a common type of road construction machinery, but because of the different construction requirements, the choice of modified asphalt equipment is also somewhat different. The configuration and process of modified asphalt equipment is diversified, with fixed production type, mobile type, with host imported. In terms of automation, modified asphalt equipment fully automatic production, semi-automatic production, no matter what form of production, each have their own different advantages, what exactly the process and configuration, depending on the annual production How much the amount and customer requirements for equipment, product performance requirements and other factors.