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Modified emulsified asphalt equipment

According to the equipment configuration, layout and mobility, asphalt emulsification equipment can be divided into mobile, removable and fixed three.
1, mobile emulsified asphalt equipment is the emulsifier blending device, emulsifying machine, asphalt pump, control system, etc. fixed in a special care-type chassis. Because it can transfer production sites at any time, it is suitable for the preparation of emulsified asphalt on the construction site with less scattered and less dosage and frequent movement.
2, removable emulsified asphalt equipment is to install the main assembly in one or more than two standard containers, respectively, loading and transport, to achieve site transfer, relying on the rapid installation of lifting equipment combined into a working state, such equipment production Ability to have large, medium and small different configurations.
Can meet different engineering requirements.
3, fixed emulsified asphalt equipment generally rely on asphalt plant or asphalt concrete mixing stations and other places have asphalt storage tanks, service within a certain distance from the more fixed customer base. As suitable for China's national conditions, fixed emulsion asphalt equipment is the main type of emulsified asphalt equipment.